Regulatory Approved

CE marked medical device (Class 2a) for use in the EU and other areas recognising the CE mark

Results evaluated against reference database

All results are compared to a large database of age matched normal controls.

Provides accurate results

The large reference database of images is derived from high quality manual segmentations. Results have been shown to be consistent with those produced by trained experts performing manual segmentations.

Compatible with a variety of different MRI Images

Can be used with any 3D T1-weighted and 2D/3D Fluid-Attenuated Inversion Recovery MRI scans from 1.5T and 3T scanners. Extensive testing has been performed on a variety of images acquired on MRI scanners from leading manufacturers.


Delivers automated analysis

Assessa includes a fully automated suite of analysis tools and the easy to interpret reports are notified directly to the user. Interpretation guide is also provided.

Provides robust solutions

Algorithms automatically detect, and where possible, correct for poor image quality, for example due to image inhomogeneities.

Fully automated quality control

Assessa includes fully automated quality control, allowing fast turnaround, and where this fails internal quality checks are made on the data.  

Data protection

All data is transmitted to our servers over a secure connection and our servers are located at a dedicated UK-based hosting site. Role based access to Assessa restricts the information visible to specific users to protect patient data.





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