Vascular Report

The Assessa Vascular Report provides a quantitative assessment of White Matter Hyperintensities (WMH) - a cerebrovascular feature particularly associated with vascular dementia. 

Studies have shown that dementia groups can be distinguished from age matched controls by significantly higher proportions of WMH as well as being distinguished by the location of the lesions (Barber et al, 1999).

The Assessa Vascular Report provides quantification of the percentage of WMH volume within total whitmatter and for a number of brain regions including juxtaventricular, periventricular, deep, and juxtacortical, and provides a colour coded display to help interpret a patient’s symptoms. 

For each region, the Assessa Vascular Report colour-codes the display dependant on cut-points that have been derived from the percentage of WMH in total WM.  This information can be used to help with dementia diagnosis, aiding in differentiating between dementia types and in the assessment of vascular disease.


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