Prognostic Index

Assessa’s prognostic index helps to predict cognitive and functional decline from structural imaging and baseline clinical assessments.

Assessa compares a patient to a reference database of more than 1200 subjects who have been followed up for at least 48 months, to give an indication of the likelihood that the patient will decline rapidly in the next two years. 

Subjects are classified depending on the rate of decline of MMSE or FAQ points over a two year period. The prognosis index is based on the medial temporal lobe atrophy index (MTAI) - a combination of the structural volumes for the hippocampus, amygdala, temporal horn and lateral ventricles. The MTAI are extracted by Assessa from baseline MRI images along with the relevant baseline MMSE or FAQ scores. Both features are used to predict whether a patient is likely to decline cognitively (RCD – Rapid cognitive decliner) or functionally (RFD – Rapid functional decliner). Assessa gives an improved prognostic indicator compared to individual MMSE and FAQ assessments alone. This result is found on the Brain Volumetric Report. 

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