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Assessa is IXICO's CE marked medical device. The fully automated digital platform, accessible over secure network connections, analyses clinical data and produces accurate actionable information for a confident and informed dementia diagnosis. 

The technology is designed to be applied in combination with traditional clinical assessment such as cognitive scoring. Brain biomarkers associated with Alzheimer’s and Vascular disease are measured from structural MR images and compared to an age-matched reference database. Additionally, imaging results may be combined with cognitive or functional assessments and interpreted against an age matched population. 

Assessa offers a number of reports to enable the timely treatment of patients with effective symptomatic therapies as well as to reduce costs of care and mis-diagnosis. These include assessment of neurodegeneration provided by a brain atrophy report, assessment of vascular disease by the vascular report and the prediction of likely prognosis by the prognostic index. 



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