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Assessa is a decision support tool developed by IXICO for healthcare professionals looking to diagnose dementia and detect the underlying causes. It enhances human judgement by providing a digital means of measuring, comparing and combining information about the brain.

What Does Assessa Offer?

Assessa is a web-based digital healthcare platform making available the most advanced methods used by experts around the world. Neuroimaging data and other patient assessments can be transferred from any workstation or acquisition platform and results are generated automatically, with easy to interpret reports. 

These reports are generated automatically and are used to support diagnosis and patient management in clinical practice and to reach conclusions for screening and efficacy assessment in clinical trials.

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How does Assessa work?


About IXICO 

Assessa is a proprietary technology of IXICO plc, the brain health company. 
Founded in 2004 IXICO develops innovative digital health technologies to help those involved in researching and treating serious diseases to make rapid, informed decisions targeted at improving patient outcomes. We have an established track record working with top pharmaceutical companies. Our experience includes handling and analysing tens of thousands of datasets from imaging sites across the world. IXICO are experts in diseases of the central nervous system and in particular Alzheimer’s disease.  We are active participants in local and global initiatives including the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI), the Coalition Against Major Diseases (CAMD), Dementia Platform UK (DPUK), and the Innovative Medicines Initiative, European prevention of Alzheimer’s dementia consortium (IMI-EPAD).

Innovation and know-how   Regulatory approved technology   Strong operational track record

✓ Effective global capabilities   Trusted partner in healthcare and pharma

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